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Business Opportunities

Welcome to ֱ and the business opportunities available to suppliers who want to work with us.

If you do want to register as a supplier to be made aware of future opportunities with the Trust please use the link at the bottom of this page. 

ֱ use the In-Tend Education portal to manage its procurement activity, by registering on the In-Tend Education portal you will be made aware of ֱ's business opportunities.



Current Opportunities

There are currently no opportunities available to supply ֱ with goods, services or works.


Other Opportunities

By registering on the Education portal hosted by In-Tend (as above), you will see other opportunities available from other organisations within the Education sector, and you will be notified via the portal as opportunities arise.

Subject to other opportunities becoming available and advertised on our website you may want to explore other opportunities on the .gov websites supported by the UK Government that are advertising opportunities i.e. Contracts Finder for low value contract opportunities and Find a Tender Service (FaTS) for high value contract opportunities subject to the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015).

Please register as a supplier via the link below, and should a requirement arise within your category of activity, ֱ will contact you and advise you of the opportunity.


ֱ Procurement

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